Assessments / حاضنة المشتل الإبداعية

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Assessment Answers

Accelerators & Incubators

Programme Duration

1. What is your program’s duration?


1. Out of all graduated startups how many of them are still on the market?

2. Out of all graduated startups how many of them received follow-on investment?

Job Creation

1. How many jobs have been created from the startups in your programs?


1. What are the facilities you offer in your space?


1. Do you connect your startups to investors and angel networks?

2. What are the key elements that represent your acceleration program?


1. Do you offer funding in your acceleration program?

2. After your startups graduate, do you offer follow-on funding options?


In-house Services

1. What are the services offered in your acceleration program?


No. of Startups Beneficiaries

1. How many startups do you accept per program?

2. In total, how many startups have benefited from your programs?

Criteria & Selection Process

1. What are the stages you accept in your acceleration program?

2. What is your startup's acceptance criteria?

Tracking Milestones

1. How often do you track your startups milestones after they graduate?